Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recipes from "The Soup that Made Seinfeld Famous"

One of the perfect ways to quickly whip up a delectable, inexpensive meal is to combine classic favorites into one tantalizing dish. For many, soup is often viewed as a side dish for the main course or a quick snack-on-the-go, but classic soup varieties can easily transform into the perfect main event by adding a dash of pasta, stir-fry vegetables and other ingredients.

Below, you will find several recipes that incorporate various kinds of soups to make a full meal with several servings per recipe. These quick and easy meals are not only delicious, but also perfect for the budget-savvy as their price tag averages a mere $5 per meal. Each recipe calls for one of the brand new “Original SoupMan” frozen varieties, which can now be found at various grocery chains nationwide. (

The Original SoupMan – also known as the “Soup that Made Seinfeld Famous” – is well-known for delivering premium soups to consumers at the NYC flagship over the past several decades. With requests for expansion and availability demands pouring, the Original SoupMan began a lengthy development process in order to bring the same quality of soup available in the Big Apple into the home of consumers across the country.

Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli:
1 lb of macaroni elbows ($1.59)
1 Original SoupMan Broccoli & Cheese Soup ($3.49)
For $2.54 each you can have Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli for two or more

Seafood Pasta:
1 lb. of pasta of your choice ($1.59)
1 Original SoupMan Seafood Bisque ($4.49)
For $3.04 each you can have Seafood Pasta for two or more

Chicken Vegetable and Rice:
16 oz. of rice of your choice ($1.00)
1 Original SoupMan Chicken Vegetable Soup ($3.49)
For $2.25 each you can have Chicken Vegetable and Rice for two or more

Italian Wedding Parmesan Linguini:
1 lb. of linguini ($1.59)
1 Original SoupMan Italian Wedding Soup ($3.49)
2 Tablespoons on aged parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top ($2.99 for 8 oz. container)
For less than $4.00 each you can have Italian Wedding Linguini with Parmesan for two or more

Spicy Beef and Tomato Pasta:
1 lb. of pasta of your choice ($1.59)
1 Original SoupMan Tomato Basil Soup ($3.49)
1 lb. of Lean Ground Beef ($1.89)
1 Teaspoon of few red pepper flakes ($.99 for 2.12 oz. container)
For $3.98 each you can have Spicy Beef and Tomato Pasta for two or more

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