Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Entertain Guests at Home with Genuine Italian Cheeses from Di Palo Selects.com

Thanks to Di Palo Selects.com, now food lovers everywhere can entertain guests at home this winter with authentic Italian cheeses, transporting family and friends back to Italy. Enjoy the distinct, unique tastes of cheeses such as Grana Padano or Gorgonzola Dolce while feeling as if you are traveling through Italy’s various regions.

The signature Fresh Cheese Basket – available now with FREE overnight shipping (a value of $30) - contains a variety of genuine Italian products from meats to sweets to cheeses… perfect for impressing friends and family. These fresh cheeses, handpicked by Lou Di Palo of Di Palo’s Fine Foods in NYC, are sure to please a wide array of palates. The basket highlight is a fresh ball of mozzarella, homemade from the generations old Di Palo family recipe.

The basket includes:
A Fresh Ball of Di Palo’s Famous Homemade Mozzarella (1 lb.)
½ lb. of Gorgonzola Dolce by Gelmini
½ lb. of Taleggio
½ lb. of Grana Padano
1 box of Traditional Sardinian Pane Carasau
1 jar of delicious Calabrian Orange Blossom Honey
1 large link of Salame Calabrese

Order your basket from http://www.dipaloselects.com and start entertaining guests with a taste of Italy!

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