Thursday, February 14, 2008

Star-Studded 2008 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

When the top stars of the culinary world converge at the 2008 Food Network
South Beach Wine & Food Festival on Feb. 21-24, Roth Käse USA and Emmi
(USA), Inc., will be there to welcome them in their roles as the exclusive
cheese sponsors of this annual mecca for food and wine enthusiasts.

The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, sponsored by Food Network
and Food & Wine magazine, showcases the talents of world-renowned chefs and
famed culinary personalities, along with the products of the world's top
manufacturers and distributors of fine foods, wine and spirits. Over 40,000
wine-and-food-loving guests are expected to attend the festival in venues
across South Beach, an ocean-front area of Miami known for its great
restaurants and lively nightlife.

As the sole cheese sponsors of the 2008 Festival, Roth Käse and Emmi will
join other sponsors in showcasing their finest products to the culinarians
at the newsmaking event, which features an extensive schedule of food and
wine tastings, demonstrations, exhibitions, competitions, and parties held
at leading South Beach restaurants and hotels.

Roth Käse and Emmi will have an array of their signature cheeses on hand at
the Publix Grand Tasting Village as well as for chefs to use in several
high-profile demonstrations and tastings, including the official Hospitality
Suite, the Winemakers' Gift Basket, Wine Spectator magazine's "Best of the
Best," an extravagant food and wine tasting event, and "The Burger Bash," a
competition hosted by popular television personality and author Rachel Ray,
in which celebrity chefs battle to create the tastiest burger.

Roth Käse will showcase selected varieties of their specialty and artisan
cheeses to the culinary luminaries at the Food Network South Beach Wine &
Food Festival - including Grand Cru Gruyère (their flagship cheese), Roth's
Private Reserve (a much-lauded raw milk Alpine-style original) GranQueso
(another Roth Käse original, inspired by the bold flavor of Spanish
Manchego), Buttermilk Blue (a bodacious raw milk blue), Vintage Van Gogh
(reminiscent of aged Gouda, with a buttery flavor and undertones of caramel)
and Fontiago (a perfect blend of the best characteristics of creamy Fontina
and tangy Asiago) - all hand-crafted in their chalet-style plant and
affinage facility in the heart of south-central Wisconsin dairy country.

Emmi will entice Festival-goers with a selection of premium cheeses from
Switzerland, including Cave-Aged Emmentaler and Gruyère, which are cured in
sandstone caves near the village of Kaltbach and aged over 12 months. Emmi
will also feature two unique Winzer (wine maker) cheeses that are cured in
wine instead of the traditional brine - Delice, a fruity hard cheese cured
with sweet white wine, and Classic, an aromatic semi-soft cheese cured with
red wine. In addition, Emmi will showcase two cheeses made with herbs
picked from Alpine meadows and pressed into the cheese as it matures, giving
the edible rinds a subtle yet distinctive herbaceous flavor and aroma.
SwissAlp Panorama is a smoothly tangy semi-soft cheese, while SwissAlp
Bellevue is a full-bodied hard cheese.

Roth Käse USA is a Monroe, Wisconsin-based manufacturer and marketer of
specialty cheeses. The company is known for the skill of its master
cheesemakers, who handcraft and cure specialty cheeses that are distributed
by the company throughout the U.S. to the specialty retail and foodservice
markets. Roth Käse cheeses have won scores of awards in regional, national
and international competitions.

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