Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Announcing Smaller-Size lotus® Sanitizing System™

Tersano, a company dedicated to changing the way we think about cleaning chemicals, today announced a new, smaller version of its breakthrough lotus® Sanitizing System™ appliance for home use. The new Model LSR100 delivers the same capacity as the original Model LBU100, but in a unit with a 30% smaller footprint for better use of precious counter space.

Tersano’s lotus Sanitizing System is revolutionizing the household cleaning products industry through its patented Oxyshield™ process which turns ordinary tap water into a powerfully effective, yet harmless sanitizing agent. Water that is oxygenated with the lotus system is 50% stronger and 3,000 times faster than bleach as a cleaner, yet is safe enough for contact with a baby’s skin. It removes 99.99% of all toxins, germs, and bacteria; on fruits and vegetables it removes virtually all traces of pesticides—something that rinsing in ordinary water won’t do.

“By nearly any measure, the lotus Sanitizing System is a better alternative to expensive, wasteful and potentially harmful household cleaning chemicals,” said Steve Hengsperger, president of Tersano. “The new LSR100 even goes one better. It’s small enough and attractive enough to be a permanent addition to a home kitchen alongside the toaster and coffeemaker, as well as the laundry room or workshop. Anywhere you need to cut grease, remove stains, deodorize, sanitize or simply clean, is the right place for a lotus Sanitizing System.”

Environmentally Pure
Tersano, recently named one of Canada’s Top 10 “Cleantech” Companies by the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation, developed its innovative Oxyshield process over a five year period. The process adds a third oxygen atom to water, turning it into a super-oxygenated cleaner suitable for sanitizing and deodorizing cutting boards, kitchen counters, stovetops, utensils, sinks, toilets, garbage cans, diaper pails and more. Active for about an hour, the water eventually sheds its extra oxygen atom and reverts to ordinary water. Nothing is left afterward except clean surfaces and food.

“Most people comment that water from the lotus system smells like rain. It’s nature’s cleaning agent,” Hengsperger stated. “The soaking bowl for the lotus unit is perfect for all types of fruits and vegetables; in fact, lettuce sanitized with the system stays fresh for weeks, without wilting or turning brown. The bowl is also great for sanitizing baby bottles, pacifiers, tooth brushes, even kitchen gadgets.”

More User-Friendly
In addition to being 30% smaller, the Model LSR100 unit offers several user-friendly new features. The spray bottle has been given a sleeker, more stylish design, while the base unit control panel automatically notifies the user when to change the filter. The system’s electronics have been revamped as well to ensure more reliable, continuous operation.
Like the larger LBU100 model, the UL-approved LSR100 has been certified by the U.S. FDA and Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and registered with the U.S. EPA.

The lotus® Sanitizing System™ Model LSR100 comes with a base unit, an all-purpose sanitizing bowl, a spray bottle, booster cartridge and two microfiber cloths. The product will begin shipping in Spring 2008 exclusively to kitchenware retailer Sur La Table. For more information about the lotus® Sanitizing System™, log on to www.tersano.com.

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