Monday, April 15, 2013

Downtown Cincinnati Dishcrawl May 7 & 8

We invite you to experience a walk to remember!

Cincinnati, voted by Walk Score as one of the most walkable cities in Ohio, houses a plethora of unique and delectable restaurants: All within a 10-minute-walk of one another! On May 7 & 8 we are strolling to FOUR different restaurants in Downtown, meeting the chefs and savoring a tri-tasting of their culinary masterpieces. Chef Michael Belanger, Cincinnati Dishcrawl Ambassador, shares his passion for food by guiding both first-time diners and regulars through the experience of tasting the best courses at some of Greater Cincinnati's top restaurants. Participants soon find there are many advantages to having a chef along, as they may get rare glimpses of the behind-the-scenes of restaurants or more insight to what it really takes to prepare the food you eat. Chef Michael said Dishcrawls wouldn't just be benefiting the diners who directly experience them but will benefit area businesses as a result. "More people out means more exposure to other businesses, not just restaurants," he said. "Dishcrawls are about building communities and helping small businesses." The next Dishcrawl is Four Of the Best In Downtown Cincy, Wednesday May 8 tickets are almost sold out, and so Tuesday May 7 has been added to accommodate more Dishcrawlers. To ensure an intimate dining experience, exact restaurants selected will be revealed a day before to the event's date to ticket holders.

Chef Michael Belanger CEC Cincinnati Dishcrawl Ambassador 513-470-4055 direct

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