Friday, April 12, 2013

Cool Creamy Coffee Drinks Your Waistline Will Love

Coolatas, Frappuccinos, Javakulas, oh my! Cooling off on a hot day with a blended or iced coffee beverage is a sweet joy of summertime for coffee lovers. It satisfies your coffee fix and your sweet tooth. But, we all know the calories are the downside – a standard Vanilla Frappuccino has upwards of 300 calories and 66 grams of carbs!

For an equally refreshing, great-tasting, healthier sip, check out the 5 Sparrows® line of sugar-free, stevia-sweetened café mixes and Skinny Coffee™ Vanilla Latté and Skinny Coffee™ Creamy Cappuccino from Genesis Today. Here’s the scoop on both:

Skinny Coffee™ by Genesis Today ( is available at Wal-Mart nationwide and comes in two great flavors: Vanilla Latté and Creamy Cappuccino. It’s a unique blend of light-roast coffee, steamed milk, and a hint of natural flavor with 825 mg per serving of nature’s powerful antioxidant Green Coffee Bean extract. The result is a perfectly sweet, smooth perk you won’t believe supports weight loss, metabolism, and cardiovascular function. They taste delicious chilled. No mixing required – just open and pour. Skinny Coffee has absolutely nothing artificial and is plant-based, gluten and soy free.

5 Sparrows® Sugar Free White Chocolate, Chocolate, Vanilla Frappe, and Monumental Spiced Chai are premium gluten free powders sweetened with a purified form of stevia and xylitol, the plant-based sweeteners. They contain no artificial sweeteners and no sugar. One taste and you’ll be shocked they’re sugar free! Mix them effortlessly into your homemade iced coffee (or warm milk). Or, for a deliciously lower cal whipped coffee drink, try their recipes for a Sugar Free Coffee Shake or a Sugar Free White Chocolate Float. Learn more and purchase stylish 10oz bags at

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