Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Solixir's NEW Think Launches Today, An All-natural Functional Caffeine-Free Drink with No Added Sugar, Which Supports Mental Clarity and Focus

Solixir, a new, all natural, functional drink brand, announced today the launch of its fourth formula, Think which helps support mental clarity and focus. Citrus flavored, made with botanicals and other natural ingredients, Think contains no added sugar and is caffeine free. Think joins Solixir’s three other formulas: Awaken, Restore and Relax.

Solixir targets active people who don’t like spikes and crashes from typical energy drinks loaded with sugar and unhealthy chemicals. Every can of Solixir is made with effective amounts of all natural ingredients and contains no added sugar.

“We created Think as a non-caffeinated alternative to the standard energy drink. Sometimes everyone needs a little boost in mental focus without an energy spike,” said Solixir Founder Scott Lerner.

Solixir’ s functional drinks are less than 60 calories per 12 ounce can, made with botanicals and only all natural ingredients. They differentiate themselves from other drinks by their situation specific formulas which include:

o THINK for mental clarity to help concentration.
o AWAKEN for gentle energy to provide a lift without the spike and crash of other energy drinks.*
o RESTORE for immune support to help restore the body’s immune system.
o RELAX for relaxation to unwind the mind and relieve stress.

*Awaken is the only formula that contains a small amount of caffeine. It contains 30 mg compared to most energy drinks that contain approximately 100 mg. The other 3 formulas are caffeine-free.

Solixir was created after Lerner, a lifelong health and fitness fanatic, became frustrated with the lack of healthy, natural drinks that would help him with his early morning workouts. After Lerner and his Solixir team created Awaken they realized there was a need for all natural, no sugar added drinks that helped with concentration, immune support and relaxation.

With the suggested retail price of $1.99 per can, Solixir can be purchased at over 850 stores across the country, including Whole Foods Market and The Vitamin Shoppe. A 12-pack of Solixir can also be purchased online on Amazon.com.

Using effective amounts of all natural ingredients and no added sugar, Solixir is a system of functional drinks specifically designed to attend to a mind and body's different needs throughout a typical workday. When active people require a lift in energy, a bit more focus, help winding down or support for the immune system, Solixir's formulas are a refreshing, healthy way to promote optimal daily performance. Solixir includes four formulas: Awaken for gentle energy, Think for mental clarity, Restore for immune support and Relax for relaxation. For more information, please visit www.solixir.com.

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