Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Healthy Grilling Year 'Round

Forget about elaborate smoking rituals. Forget about complicated marinades, mops, and rubs involving hours of advance planning. Forget about putting away the grill, even though the calendar may say summer is just a fleeting memory.

The Smart Guide to Healthy Grilling by respected food writer, editor, and grilling expert Barry Fast shows readers how to prepare tasty and healthful meals in a matter of minutes. His recipes feature vegetables, whole grains, and fruits, along with low-fat poultry, meat, shellfish and sustainable seafood rich in omega3 fatty acids.

Healthy Grilling is a boon for busy, hard-working parents as well as those who like to entertain using the freshest and most healthful ingredients available. The book features over two hundred carefully tested and researched recipes and dozens of marinades, rubs, grilling techniques and methods. Replace fatty, salty, processed food with flavor-packed natural meals, hot off the grill.

Healthy Grilling is the definitive guide to easy everyday meal prep, showing readers how to:

• Reduce by up to 90% the formation of potentially carcinogenic HCA and PAH chemicals that high heat cooking of any kind produces in meat, poultry, and fish
• Create the juiciest low fat burgers you ever tasted
• Grill over twenty different low-cal chicken creations that family members will crave week after week
• Grill many kinds of fresh vegetables that even kids will love
• Grill a variety of fresh fruits, creating luscious desserts with no artificial sweeteners or sugar added
• Entice seafood lovers with unusual recipes such as grilled soft shell crabs, foolproof grilled lobster, calamari on the grill, grill roasted oysters and grilled shrimp scampi
• Replace greasy, calorie-packed delivery pizza with nutritious whole grain pizzas sizzling with fresh veggies—yes, pizzas that are really healthy food
• Use the patio grill as that extra oven so helpful during the holidays • Weight-conscious families will benefit from The Smart Guide to Healthy Grilling too, thanks to practical grilling recipes and techniques that keep delicious dinners under 800 calories per serving with no loss of flavor or nutrition. They will learn how to use the grill day in and day out to get fresh veggies, low-fat meats, and fish on the table with less work than any other cooking method, bar none.

This comprehensive guide is different from all those other grilling books. It focuses on both the science and art of smart grilling that leads to healthy eating. It offers practical tips for selecting and caring for your grill. Helpful food shopping tips for every type of ingredient are featured throughout the book, along with how to store and handle them to maximize freshness and flavor.

Barry comments, "This is not just another grilling/barbecuing book with complicated recipes that require advance planning, hours of prep, and cooking over a smoky outdoor fire, nor is it a guide meant for dummies or idiots. The lively and easy-to-follow format makes grilling the year-round cooking method for busy people, for weight-conscious families, and for those who care about healthy eating as a lifestyle."

To view the latest Healthy Grilling video featuring roast turkey on the grill (the end of boring Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner fare), see (Coming soon—veggies and fruit on the grill.)

Author: Ever since producing The Catfish Cookbook in the 1970s, Barry Fast has been a food focused writer and editor. Combining the tastiest grilling techniques with the latest nutritional and heart health science, Barry has developed hundreds of recipes for everyday grilled meals, year round. Unlike most other grilling experts, he focuses on vegetables, fruit, lean meat, poultry, and seafood products, emphasizing low fat and low calories in his flavor-packed recipes. Barry lives in City Island, N.Y.

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