Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Holiday Gift Ideas

SUSHIQUIK- Lots of people love sushi, but unless you’re a pro… making sushi rolls..may NOT be so easy. SushiQuik is a true “I want that!” Sushi Quik is a Sushi Roller that makes it easy to make all types of sushi at home. Don’t like raw fish? Sushi rolls can also be made from many other ingredients like chicken rolls, steak rolls, veggie rolls and desert rolls, the combination of ingredients are endless! One thing I love about Sushi Quik is it helps people eat healthier too.. The SushiQuik! kit comes complete with a training frame to help properly measure the rice, a non-stick paddle to help spread the rice, two end caps which can also be used as sauce soy holders to dip your sushi roll, a SushiQuik Roll Cutter which will guide your knife and save your fingers! The Kit also includes a complete SushiQuik ebook with over 25 sushi recipes from the good old California Roll to the Chicken Roll.

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COOKIE THING –- Have you ever looked at the pictures of beautifully decorated rollout cookies on the covers of magazines and cookbooks, and wanted to make them? . . .Susan Butler’s fascination with those wonderfully, buttery, beautifully decorated rollout cookies led her to develop the Cookie Thing! Her past work in a ministry with helping the underserved community to learn how to bake cookies for profit, brought the need for a tool to make it possible for those that had little baking experience. With the Cookie Thing, Susan was able to make rollout cookies to perfection in size, and the tool enhanced the flavor tremendously because of not using too much flour!

What is the Cookie Thing? It is a baking tool made with solid maple that helps you roll out all sorts of dough to the exact thickness you need. The wooden roller is specific in design of size as well as the four variations of the measuring boards included. The measuring boards give you the depth of dough you need. The measuring boards for the 1/8th inch thickness is perfect for pie crust as well as thin, crispy cookies. The 1/4" size is the most commonly used for rollout cookies, but some bakers like them thicker, so the set includes the 3/8". The 1/2" size completes the set to be very useful for thicker items, such as biscuits. The process of using the Cookie Thing helps any baker of any experience prepare dough easier, with less mess and without too much flour.

Susan’s brilliant idea is up for consideration at Williams Sonoma to be sold in their stores.

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THE FRESH 20 - The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service like no other. It’s about buying less and making more. It’s about loading your dinner table with delicious, preservative free food. It’s about saving that takeout money for something more rewarding than takeout! The meal plans rely on simple, healthy and homemade dinners using just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients per week. No more grocery lists with 80 items that will eventually go to waste. The meal plans are carefully created to utilize everything on the list so you can stop throwing money down the drain. They don’t just grab 5 random recipes and call it a meal plan. The Fresh 20 mixes and matches a small list of ingredients to create 5 balanced dinners that play off each other. Included are detailed guides to meal prep, original recipes everyone will enjoy (even picky eaters) and motivation to help you stay the course on busy weeknights. The Fresh 20 can also help dieters stay on track with their plan. The Fresh 20

Cookbook is coming out in April 2013 published by Harper Collins.

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