Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Make the Holidays Extra Jolly! Bakers Bacon Offers Bacon For Christmas Gifts!

Bakers Bacon announced today that all three of Chef Tony Bakers Bacons will be available as Christmas gifts and can be ordered through the website or directly from

As a small company, Baker’s Bacon is dedicated to not only the very best product, but also service! Baker’s Bacon will take your order, create a custom gift card, wrap the bacon in festive Christmas ribbon and mail it anywhere in the US all in time for Christmas. All orders need to be received by 10am Wednesday, December 21st to guarantee Christmas delivery.

Bakers Bacon can take the stress out holiday shopping. Let us take care of all your client, friends and family with the gifts of Bacon! Remember “Everybody LOVES Bacon!” English back bacon is unique yet familiar, made from Natural Duroc Pork and slowly dry cured, finished in a 60 year old smoke house with real apple wood chips.

The bacon offers a long shelf life and also freezes well. This is a very special hand crafted product that is sure to stimulate the senses of any foodie and tip the most stringent vegetarian off of the wagon!

Bakers Bacon is delivered in a recycled cardboard outer box with recyclable Styrofoam insert. The icepacks are reusable for refrigeration. All shipments are shipped via UPS 2 day. If you live in Monterey or Carmel, California, contact us and we may be able to deliver direct to you.
For more information go to or email us at

Bacon available in 3# packs: From $9.99 to $11.99 per pound and about 10 slices per pound.
· English Style Back Bacon
· Double Applewood Smoked
· Applewood Smoked

Baker’s flagship bacon is his “Back” bacon while traditional American-style bacon comes from the underbelly of the pig, creating meat streaked with fat. Baker’s English-style bacon is derived from the lean back of the pig — a cut above! — cured with a nice balance of sweetness to salt, and a smoky, complex, ham-like flavor.

Sourced from sustainable, naturally raised hogs, Baker’s Back Bacon is hand-rubbed with a blend of sugars, kosher salt and a secret concoction of spices. Next, it’s slowly smoked in a 50+ year old smokehouse for many hours with real apple wood.
When sliced it’s commonly called rashers in the United Kingdom, English-style bacon is leaner with more savory meat flavor but with the telltale sweet-and-salt balance and smoky essence we’ve all come to crave from bacon.

Made in the USA but inspired by a centuries’ old method and perfected by a chef’s personal demand for quality and sustainability, Baker’s Bacon is truly a cut above ordinary bacon.

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