Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The CBTL Beverage System Hopes To Be a Big Hit for Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has the perfect fix for those wondering what to get their loved one this holiday season: the CBTL®. If your publication’s website is still compiling its holiday gift guide, please consider adding this beautifully designed, easy to use single-serve beverage system that allows you to whip up your favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf espresso, coffee or tea with one touch.

The CBTL is available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations, Bed Bath & Beyond Stores, Amazon.com and CBTL.com.

The CBTL has three versions: $139 for the Contata, and $179 for the Kaldi (pictured below), as well as its newly available Americano offering. The machine is designed to be used exclusively with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hand-selected premium espresso, coffee and hand-plucked whole-leaf tea capsules, to hand-craft your perfect cup. Available accessories include a one-touch milk frother and a whisk, and each machine comes with a complete set of all 12 flavors of assorted coffees, espressos and teas to sample.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a favorite celebrity haunt, and with the availability of the CBTL online, anyone can enjoy these signature beverages at home. The Kaldi machine comes in black, gold, red, white and blue.

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