Thursday, January 20, 2011

The New Storage Craze....Ecozip Bags!

Zip up savings and help the environment one packed lunch at a time with Ecozip plastic bags.

Ecozip bags are the innovative new plastic snack bags revitalizing the market by helping consumers use less plastic while giving them more. Each bag is compartmentalized into two zippered pouches to keep items separated, yet together for easy access. These offer three times the savings of regular zippered storage bags and are a convenient and versatile option for lunch packers, house organizers, and on-the-go families. They are the first and only multi-pocket bag filling the void on the pantry shelf, and come in three sizes: 1 gallon, 1 quart, and sandwich. Each bag features their patented three zipper design. Items can be accessed from the top or bottom zippers, while the middle is an interior zipper that can be left open for one large bag or zipped closed for two smaller ones.

Through consumer responses, interviews, and personal experiences, the creators of Ecozip knew the market was ready for something that could inexpensively condense, organize, and reduce waste in everyday life. Ecozip bags provide portion control to those dieting or trying to live a healthy lifestyle, compact storage spaces for scrapbook embellishments or school supplies, and a sealed place to keep makeup and toiletries separate while passing through the TSA.

Can't stand eating a soggy sandwich by the time lunch rolls around, but don't want to have to use two or more bags to keep things apart? Zip up the luscious tomato and lettuce in the smaller pouch, and add it later to the dry sandwich contained below it. Only one bag is used instead of two and lunchtime can be enjoyed again.

For those who travel often for work or fun, Ecozip bags save space with added convenience. Traveling by plane means having everything easily accessible for the authorities. Ecozip bags allow flyers to keep all their makeup together in one pouch, while storing applicators like brushes and cotton balls clean and dry within the other. No spilling or contamination, and no wasted space means no worries or delays.

Get more bang out of your plastic bag buck with the endless possibilities of Ecozip bags.

Ecozip bags are being sold through various hometown retailers and markets throughout the United States.

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