Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Cooking Basics For Dummies Offers Great Tips and Recipes for Every Occasion

There are a lot of reasons why more people are opting to put away the takeout menus and pull out their long-forgotten cookbooks. Whether you’re trying to get the number on the scale to go down or the number in your bank account to go up, cooking at home can be an intimidating task if you don’t have a good grasp of the basics.

Cooking Basics For Dummies®, 4th Edition (Wiley Publishing, Inc., December 2010, ISBN: 978-1-1180-1362-5, $21.99) appeals to beginners who want to learn the basics of cooking and implement understandable and practical recipes in their everyday cooking experience. This hands-on guide shows you the fun and easy way to prepare meals all your guests and family members will love, from die-hard vegetarians to the most passionate meat eaters.

• Fix it up fresh and fit: How to cut fat, calories, and carbs when cooking
• Culinary crowd pleasers: Easy recipes the whole family will enjoy—no matter what the occasion!
• Beyond boiling water: Learn about grilling, slow cooking, pressure cooking, roasting, and sautéing
• Special request? No problem! Considerations for vegetarians, special diets, and sustainable dishes with flavor and pizzazz
• A little prep-work goes a long way: Tips for reading recipes before getting started
• Fantastic food in a flash: Timesaving cooking tips
• So you won’t have to borrow that cup of sugar: Staples for your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer

With the help of Cooking Basics For Dummies, you’ll be able to handle boiling, poaching, steaming, braising, grilling, and so much more like a master. You can use simple tips and tricks to cook healthy meals, bake yummy desserts, throw a fabulous party, and save time in the kitchen. With a bit of planning, some expert advice, and fresh ingredients, you’ll be cooking delicious meals in no time—even if you consider yourself a kitchen novice.

About the Authors:
Bryan Miller is a food and feature writer covering restaurants and dining trends all over the world.
Marie Rama is an independent food, beverage, and media consultant.
Eve Adamson is the coauthor of The Mediterranean Diet.

About the Book:
Cooking Basics For Dummies®, 4th Edition (Wiley Publishing, Inc., December 2010, ISBN: 978-1-1180-1362-5, $21.99) is available at bookstores nationwide, major online booksellers, or directly from the publisher by calling (877) 762-2974.

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