Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fagor Creates 2 Piece Induction Set - Perfect for College Dorms

Fagor America Inc., the worldwide leader in built-in induction cooktops, is pleased to announce a new 2-Piece Induction Set that includes the impressive Countertop Induction Burner with a newly designed panel and a Fagor 9.5" Induction Ready Aluminum Skillet. The new 2-piece package is specifically designed to assist the beginner in familiarizing themselves to the world of induction cooking. The set is also a perfect addition to any college kitchen as there are no open flames or gas to cause dorm fires.

Considered one the most eco-friendly products for its efficiency and safety, induction cooks 50% faster than gas or electric cooktops and boils water in seconds. With induction cooking, there are no flames, smoke, or gas emissions making this an extremely safe and convenient portable cooking solution for a college dorm. In addition to the safety features, induction cooktops provide the most efficient way to cook. The unit uses 90% of the energy produced compared to 50% with other cooking methods. The energy is directly supplied to the cookware by a magnetic field, so only the diameter of the cookware gets hot.

What makes the Fagor 2-Piece Induction Set unique is that the user is provided with the Induction Ready Aluminum Skillet needed to cook on an induction surface, so they can begin cooking meals immediately. The unit has 10 power levels with temperatures ranging from 140ºF to 430ºF and the operating panel features a chart which relates the power settings to 5 cooking functions (Melt, Warm, Boil, Fry and Sear) and its exact temperature, making it easier for the user to reach their desired cooking level, faster and more accurately. The set uses regular household electricity, 110-120 V and is compact in size and lightweight, 11.75" x 14" and 5 pounds, easy for everyday use.

The induction cooktop also has an automatic safety shut off feature that will shut the cooktop off in 30 sec. if no cookware is detected and a 150 minute timer that lets you cook meals in advance. The touch control digital panel provides users with additional options including a safety child lock and a smooth glass surface that makes for easy cleaning.

The 2-pc Induction Set is not only perfect for your college dorm room, but also a useful tool for your camper, your studio apartment or wherever you have an electrical outlet. It is also important for students to check with their universities to determine if an induction cooktop is a permitted dorm room appliance. Fagor also understands that energy and resource conservation is a major concern for students today and has a company initiative in support of environmental preservation through ultra-efficient products, eco-friendly manufacturing and the use of recycled packaging.

"The Fagor 2-Piece Induction Set helps students to safely and simply eat healthier meals while living away from home." said Sara De La Hera, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Fagor America. "It is also a perfect opportunity for students to begin to learning about the importance of induction cooking."

Suggested Retail Price for the 2-Piece Induction Set is $99.00 USD. Available at selected Macy's stores, Camping World and on

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