Monday, June 24, 2013

Coffee Lovers “Find Their Taste” with New Online Personalized Discovery, Sampling, and Custom Blend Service by Hamptons Lane

Hamptons Lane ( is here to help coffee drinkers find their perfect cup. For the first time, online coffee buyers can create their own sample-filled tasting boxes, shop from small, artisanal roasters across the U.S., or build their own customized blend. With a unique “Find Your Taste Quiz,” personalized coffee blends, and tasting boxes curated to match individual flavor preferences, Hamptons Lane makes it simple for coffee drinkers to discover their perfect cup, and buy fresh, high-quality coffee online.

“We created this revolutionary tool to help our customers discover their coffee palate beyond just light, medium or dark roast,” said Hamptons Lane founder & CEO Jim Sherman. “Coffee is something most people drink every single day, and Hamptons Lane is going to change the way people think about, taste and prepare their morning brew.”

Customers start with the “Find Your Taste Quiz” on the Hamptons Lane website, which asks simple questions about their preferences for wine, fruit, and even toasted marshmallows. From there, Hamptons Lane generates personalized coffee recommendations based on the quiz findings, to guide customers toward their ideal coffee beans, roasts, and origins.

For those looking to broaden their coffee palate or for the perfect coffee-lover’s gift, elegant Tasting Boxes include four 6-ounce bags curated around a theme (like Breakfast Blends, Light Roasts, or West Coast Roasts), or customers can hand-pick four roasts for their own personalized Tasting Box using the “Create Your Own Box” tool. Hamptons Lane also provides the chance to shop directly from among some of the country’s finest micro-roasters (like Ceremony Coffee Roasters and Klatch Coffee), and signature blends like Frank Sumatra (bold and smooth), Montauk Sunrise (a balanced, refreshing breakfast blend), and The Gatsby Blend (rich, nutty, and luxurious).

And for coffee drinkers who want their java even more personalized, the Hamptons Lane custom blend tool lets users create and label their very own coffee blend. The “Name Your Blend” feature makes it easy to create personalized gifts like “Dad’s Blend” for Father’s Day, and a simple ordering guide helps tailor each custom blend to individual preferences, with tasting notes like nutty, slightly winy, earthy or sweet.

Customers can purchase or gift any Hamptons Lane products one time or opt for the ongoing program, which conveniently allows them to schedule regular shipments of their coffee in advance, with deliveries as often as once a week or as infrequent as every two months.

The world of coffee is complex, but Hamptons Lane proves that it doesn’t have to be difficult. With a belief in the importance of learning, discovery, and quality, Hamptons Lane helps coffee lovers find their unique taste, one perfect and personal cup at a time.

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