Monday, September 17, 2012

The Distilled Spirits Epicenter Ran its Inaugural Distillation on Sept. 14

On Friday, Sept. 14, the Distilled Spirits Epicenter ran their first distillation after receiving their state and federal licenses. The test batch paves the way for entrepreneurs, distillery operators and industry experts to create their own custom spirits with state-of-the-art Vendome equipment. The facility is the city’s first education and training center featuring an artisan distillery and is also the first distillery in Louisville since Prohibition. The total investment in the project is $1.5 million, and the facility is expected to attract business to the Louisville area not only for distilled spirits, but also for companies that provide related products.

The Distilled Spirits Epicenter was created by Flavorman custom beverage company founder David Dafoe. The Epicenter will offer the expertise of “Beverage Mechanics” who will manage each project from start through finish. The Epicenter is named as a tribute to Louisville’s location at the epicenter of the distilling industry. Its operations will focus on education and training to enable startup productions to benefit from the area’s wealth of experience and knowledge and utilize the artisan distillery sized for training, pilot productions and small runs. Enthusiast classes for the public will also be offered.

Located at 801 S. 8th St., the Distilled Spirits Epicenter consists of Grease Monkey Distillery, Moonshine University and Challenge Bottling and offers educational and training resources focusing on artisan spirits. Through hands-on distilling instruction, classes and bottling services, the Epicenter brings Kentucky’s unique distilling legacy to life. The Distilled Spirits Epicenter is the sister company to Flavorman, an international custom beverage development and ingredient supply company. Flavorman’s Beverage Architects and the Epicenter’s Beverage Mechanics can take your idea through every phase of beverage development and production...from start through finish. For more information, visit

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