Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Sweet Way to their Heart this Holiday- Coyote Oaties

Mother and Daughter Duo Annette TerHorst and Rebecca Bartman baked up Coyote Oaties cookies right in their own kitchen. Baking cookies was a love and passion for Annette. Fans would rave about them and finally Annette thought they were good enough to sell. Now, poofs of sweet, delicious goodness are pumped from their kitchen everyday, all day and are shipped out daily around the world. The scrumptious oatmeal& chocolate, oatmeal& walnuts or oatmeal, raisin&walnut cookies may even arrive still warm; just in time to enjoy them with a chilled glass of milk.

Every cookie is made from the freshest, most eco-friendly ingredients available; whole rolled oats, creamery butter, and cage free eggs. You won't find preservatives, trans fats and something you can’t pronounce.

They can be ordered in a customized engraved eco-kind wooden crate with a special Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays message or even a company logo. They make a great wedding guest gift or thank you gift. Santa will even stay awhile and take a few bite after present drop off this Christmas.

By plane, train, boat or car, the cookies travel well on the way to Grandma's house or to any relatives for the holiday. Whether six or a dozen, you are sure be the family favorite or at least the Coyote Oaties cookies will. Six or a dozen cookie batches range from $12- $22. Custom crates start at $43.

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Davet Covillon said...

Note as another holiday tip. the containers these cookies com in can be very useful for creating custom crates and packing for your gifts!