Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Organic Chicken for Cooking at Home in a Bad Economy

In today’s economy, people are cooking at home more and trying to eat out less. How about offering your readers advice on shopping for quality back-to-basic proteins like organic chicken or offering a roundup of options out there?

Coleman Natural Foods is the country’s largest organic chicken company, which implemented natural and organic animal raising practices and still represents the highest standard of meat production in the U.S. almost 135 years later. Working with small family farms throughout the country, selecting only the best breeds, raised to its exacting protocols with 100% vegetarian diets and no animal byproducts, Coleman Natural produces a wide range of premium natural and organic meat, poultry and prepared foods. The company never uses antibiotics, growth hormones, nitrates/nitrites or other chemical preservatives, MSG or fillers of any kind - ever. In addition, the chickens are humanely raised and sustainably farmed.

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