Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mrs. Butterworth’s Gets Crafty

Mrs. Butterworth’s® makes kids smile by sharing her secrets of thick, rich syrup at breakfast tables everywhere. Now, just in time for Earth Day, she’s teamed up with crafters from the Craft and Hobby Association to develop fun and exciting craft ideas- that REUSE items around the house- for the Mrs. Butterworth’s bottle! Craft enthusiasts and novices alike can find downloadable craft ideas (great for gifts) on the Mrs. Butterworth’s site and can even submit photos of their own creations!

“Almost a toy already, Mrs. Butterworth’s is a perfect crafting tool, and we already know that kids love to interact with the bottle,” says Allison Meyer, associate brand manager at Pinnacle Foods Corporation. “We’re excited to announce that Mrs. Butterworth’s is not just for breakfast anymore!”

“People are embracing the do-it-yourself approach not only because of the economic downturn, but also to make their lives more sustainable by making crafts as opposed to buying more toys and gifts,” says Victor Domine, PR manager of the Craft and Hobby Association. “Mrs. Butterworth’s is a natural fit, and our crafters have developed wild and adorable craft ideas.”

Three well-known crafters have developed recession-friendly craft ideas for use throughout the year. Visit http://launchpadserver.com/mbw/crafty/beta/ (this site address will change) to download craft ideas and a supply list from the first batch of crafts, created by creative expert Sarah Hodsdon. Check back in July for ideas from Terri Ouelette, national spokesperson for the Craft and Hobby Association and Emmy-Award winning TV personality, and in September for holiday crafting ideas from Kathy Peterson, Best-selling author, design expert, and TV Host on Lifetime.

For more information, rules and regulations, log onto http://www.mrsbutterworthsyrup.com/ and click on the “Getting Crafty” page.

About Mrs. Butterworth’s
You can enjoy Mrs. Butterworth’s in Original flavor, Sugar Free or Lite – all of which deliver that distinct thick, rich and buttery syrup. Lite, which delivers half the calories of regular syrups, has passed the test of time, now entering its 20th year on the market – and continuing to delight kids. Sugar Free was introduced in 2004 and meets the needs of consumers, whether kids or adults, who want sugar free syrup. Moreover, Sugar Free has 80% less calories and ½ the carbohydrates of regular syrups. Both Lite and Sugar Free recipes have been carefully crafted to make sure they deliver on the thick, rich and buttery syrup only Mrs. Butterworth can make. The distinctive grandma-shaped bottle, with its label doubling as an apron, continues to be the gold standard for the thickest, richest and most buttery syrup you can buy. There is one other way to bring the delicious fun of Mrs. Butterworth to breakfast – with Mrs. Butterworth’s Complete Pancake Mix in Buttermilk and Home-style flavors. Her pancake recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and buttery pancakes that kids will love.

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