Monday, December 22, 2008

National Chicken Council Showcases McDonald's

The National Chicken Council (NCC)
gives consumers a glimpse of how successful recipes are developed at
McDonald's in a new section of its consumer-oriented web site, The National Chicken Council represents America's chicken
producers and spotlights a different restaurant group each quarter, looking
for operators that create new and innovative uses of chicken for their

The result is a window into the complex world of creating recipes that satisfy
a broad audience while offering a unique, strong appeal. George Watts,
National Chicken Council president says, "We are proud to have McDonald's
as our next Showcase of Chicken partner. McDonald's continues to come up
with new chicken menu items that meet today's consumer demand for health,
convenience and bold flavor."

McDonald's chicken innovations date back to 1983 when they first introduced
the McNugget. The Showcase features an homage to the McNugget and its
25th anniversary celebration. Over the years, McDonald's has added a variety
of chicken items including Chicken Selects®, Premium Chicken Sandwiches®,
Premium Salads and Snack Wraps™.

Perhaps McDonald's boldest chicken innovation was launched just earlier this
year, with its first-ever, chicken-for-breakfast offering. "Since its
introduction in May, the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit has been a huge
success for McDonald's," said Neil Golden, senior vice president and chief
marketing officer for McDonald's USA, LLC. "Our customers are clearly
embracing the concept of chicken-for-breakfast."

The Showcase also includes an interview with McDonald's Executive Chef and
Director of Culinary Innovation, Dan Coudreaut and Director of U.S. Menu
Management Tracy Stockard. They give insights into the process McDonald's
goes through to bring new recipes to consumers. Stockard says that
MacDonald's explores over 1500 new recipe concepts each year as part of
their constant development and testing process. Coudreaut says, "Currently
we are seeing a lot of adventurous palates and bold flavors." He cites
the "Zesty flavors of the Premium Southwest Salad," and the "Worldly
ingredients of the Premium Asian Salad," as two of McDonald's answers to
this trend.

Beyond the Showcase of Chicken, features hundreds of
recipes, nutritional information, dietary news, and advice on the safe handling
of chicken products.

About The National Chicken Council
The National Chicken Council is the trade association based in Washington,
D.C., for the broiler chicken production, processing and marketing industry.
The association represents companies with approximately 95 percent of
chicken production in the United States.

About McDonald's
McDonald's USA, LLC is the leading foodservice provider in the United States
serving a variety of wholesome foods made from quality ingredients to millions
of customers every day. More than 80 percent of McDonald's 13,700 U.S.
restaurants are independently owned and operated by local franchisees. For
more information about McDonald's visit

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