Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meno Trigger Grip Tongs

TODCO has introduced a line of Meno Trigger Grip™ Tongs for every day use, especially by people with hand pain or hand challenges.

Available in 9 inch and 12-inch lengths, the Meno-brand Tongs are ideal for both left and right-handed individuals. TODCO is a member of The Hannon Group, Ltd.
Like other Meno Trigger Grip™ kitchen tools, the Tongs have a unique and proven curvature that allows use of several fingers to help provide the user with a secure grip that reduces fatigue and pain.

“The Meno-brand Metal Tongs are designed to be gripped in multiple positions for long periods of time without pain or stress,” noted Todd Hannon, President of The Hannon Group. “This especially gives people with hand pain and challenges back the freedom to enjoy the art of cooking which in some cases was denied to them because of the associated pain.”

Hannon noted that the Tongs are the first in a series of Meno Trigger Grip™ products TODCO plans to introduce within the next few months in time for the International Home and Housewares Show in March 2009. Others include a
pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, paring knife and several others.
Heavyweight for easy gripping, the Meno-brand of Metal Tongs has a patented handle design that makes them easy to use and grip. Made of stainless steel for durability, the Tong’s high-grade silicone tips keep them from scratching your nonstick cookware. The silicone tips are easy to clean and are heat resistant up to 500°F.

A lock at the end of the tongs keeps them closed for storing. To open for use, simply push the lock down. The tongs are available in red, orange and black. Suggested retail price for the 9-inch tongs is approximately $11.99 and the 12-inch tongs approximately $14.99.

Background of Meno Trigger Grip™
The inspiration for the Meno Trigger Grip™ began from a new interest of inventor Peggy Mineau. Mineau began hooking rugs in July 2001 but within a couple of months Peggy started to experience such nerve pain she was unable to continue. Suffering from multiple sclerosis, Mineau found she could only hook for a short time without nerve pain in her finger and thumb. Persistent in her desire to continue with her craft, Mineau hand sculptured the perfect hook she thought would alleviate her pain. From the sculpture, Mineau’s husband carved a wooden prototype design of the hook. Because of the unique curved grip, the Meno Trigger Grip™ gave her numerous options on how to hold the hook and on what part to put pressure.
With the Menu Trigger Group™, Mineau has been able to continue hooking rugs and enjoying her craft. Meanwhile, her friends and acquaintances urged her to market the hook to other categories, especially kitchen tools.
Mineau approached The Hannon Group with her idea to design kitchen tools for people with hand challenges, the elderly and those that wanted easy to use tools with a more comfortable grip.

“We are very pleased to be able to introduce Peggy Mineau’s line of kitchen tools with the Menu Trigger Grip™ to the market,” noted Hannon. “People who had difficulty holding a kitchen tool in the past will now be able to firmly and comfortably grasp the tool due to its unique shape and flexibility. They can now decide what position best works for them in holding the tool and what part to put pressure on.”

NOTE: We have tried this product and think it makes sense for anyone who may have trouble gripping or using ordinary tongs. It delivers on it's promises.

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