Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fill Up On Emergency Recipses This Year

The pantry is filled with diverse ingredients leftover from yesterday and you only have an hour and urgently need ideas on how to put it all together in new and enticing ways.

Fortunately, a new website can be that missing bulb in a long dark string of holiday food preparation. It also helps harried home cooking easier, making the most out of is already in your kitchen.

“I am not much of a chef, or computer person,” said Margaret Pidgeon, Norfolk, Va. “I was surprised when I was able to use just what I had already and come up with an appetizer to take to a party. My friends were even more surprised!”

While common recipe sites can provide solutions to the fully stocked pantry, allows visitors to make a list of what they have instead of what they don’t. Once the available ingredients are on file the database goes to work racking the brains of thousands of chefs for ways to put those ingredients to the best use.

Grandma’s cookie recipes can’t be beat, but if you want to expand your repertoire and make your own legacy of unique and interesting fare it’s time for a little online help.

Here’s how it works. When first visiting SuperCook, visitors see a section on the left labeled 'My kitchen'. The goal is to add the ingredients you have at home into 'Your kitchen' on SuperCook. Adding ingredients is easy. Type in your list of ingredients: “nutmeg, walnuts, flour, butter etc.” and with each added ingredient you have the site automatically figures out the best recipes that can be made, trying first to find recipes which call for ingredients the visitor has, or alternatively, recipes which only need minimal extra ingredients.

SuperCook is a search engine, so it constantly crawls the web to find new recipes. Well over 250,000 recipes have already been found.

You can return to day or night retrieve your new favorites or explore for more

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