Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simple Menu Change Promotes Weight Loss In Time for Summer

According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the average woman consumes 355 calories of sugar - think a milk shake or a large piece of cake - every day. The American Heart Association says women shouldn’t consume more than 100 calories of sugar, and men 150 calories of sugar, per day.

Something’s got to give.

A simple menu change with one sweet ingredient can cut hundreds of calories to help slim down just in time for the beach. With Xagave, an all-natural agave nectar, you can save yourself the expense of costly gym memberships and extravagant crash diets to feel more comfortable for the fast-approaching bathing suit season.

Xagave, the only premium blend of white and blue agave nectar, leaves a sweet, neutral taste, and replaces all the empty calories normal table sugars contain. This is the only sweetener with superior cooking qualities and health benefits that make eating right taste so good.

Many are unaware of the amount of sugar consumption that detracts from our weight loss and makes us unknowingly pile on calories. This simple step will cut out the grueling diets and punishing workouts with tasty, healthier food.

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Will said...

Good post! Sugar is good for you, but in rare instances. After you work out, your body needs sugar, the more you exercise, the more sugar you need, but most people dont exercise, and WAY over intake sugar.

I've lost over 40 pounds so far with diet and exercise and learning to eat right. It's been incredible.. I blog at Fitness Achievement Check it out!